Helping animals over the holidays

December 17, 2006

While it’s not the best idea to give a puppy or kitten as a present this time of year what with all the commotion around the house, there are lots of things you can do to help animals. Or the organizations that help them. I’m getting more involved myself after all these years of being an addicted dog mom, combined with wanting to do more post-Katrina.

So for starters, here’s a list recommended by the Montgomery County (Maryland) Humane Society. Most of these actions are applicable around the country although a few are local, as noted:

ways you can help – service projects

wish list items

-host a drive for wish list items (new or gently used) at school or home

-ask for wish list items in lieu of birthday presents

-teachers: have grades compete with rewards of dress down days, free lunches, or prizes from MCHS. MCHS can provide posters and flyers.

towel and blanket drive

-coordinate a towel and blanket drive (new or gently used)

    -bath towels, beach towels, bathroom rugs, sheets, hand towels, wash clothes, and blankets

Cori asleep


-organize fundraiser such as bake sale, lemonade sale, or garage sale and donate the proceeds

-create your own business with proceeds going to MCHS


-bake APPROVED homemade dog treats for the homeless dogs- or- host a party so your friends and family can get involved

-list of approved dog treats available upon request


-create happy socks for cats (sock, fiber fill and catnip)



-$15/EA all proceeds benefit the animals under our care


-volunteer at one of our events or help promote it

shop to care

-we are participating in Westfield’s Shop to Care Program (11/24/06-1/14/07)

-your group, family, and friends can either register at the Westfield Montgomery Concierge Center for MCHS or save receipts from Westfield Montgomery and bring the originals or copies to MCHS

details: any store, any kiosk, any restaurant, gas station, etc. is fair game

-MCHS earns points from your receipts and the non-profit with the most points after 1/14/07 receives $5,000 from Westfield

Questions: 301-279-9677. mchumane@comcast.net


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