You are what — and where — you eat

January 6, 2007

The Silver Diner Restaurant in Rockville, Maryland, is catching the healthy-eating bug. Oversize portions will still be de rigeur, but at least they’ll be trans-fat free, and folks watching their waistlines can still wisely take home what they can’t finish on site.

Besides menu items, restaurants also have an opportunity to green their operations. The Green Restaurant Association offers step by step actions any restaurant can take leading to recognition as a “Certified Green Restaurant” TM, much the same as buildings are increasingly being recognized as certified green buildings. Customers can prod restaurant managers along by giving a suggestion card directly to the owner or manager or enclosing it with payment.

Folks, this is going to take some time — the buzz hasn’t happened yet and if you study this organization’s website, you’ll see that so far only a few restaurants nationwide have stepped up to the plate. So get a move on — print those cards out, stuff ’em in your wallet, and leave one every time you take out a credit card to pay the tab!

Green Restaurant Association suggestion card



  1. This is a great idea; I especially like that it’s a “working together” approach suggested by paying customers.

    I live in Wisconsin, and I’d like to do something similar around here. Any idea what organization I should contact?

  2. On second thought, I realized I could take a look at the website myself to contact the organization. 🙂

    It’s too bad that the contact phone number is not an 800 #. At least the website is obvious.

  3. Christy:
    You can email your phone number on our comments page, and somebody from the Greeen Restaurant Association would be happy to contact you to answer any questions.
    Michael Oshman

  4. Michael,

    Thanks for your response! A friend of mine had turned me on to GRA last year and I’ve been leaving the suggestions cards every time I’m at a local restaurant. My fear is that by far and away the majority of the servers don’t have a clue, and the managers probably aren’t much further ahead. When my blog picks up steam over time, here’s hoping I can do my share to nudge your plan forward a degree or two.

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