Sierra Club Career Fair a big hit

April 16, 2007

Montgomery County (Md.) Sierra Club
4th Annual Environmental Career Program
March 21, 2007
Brookside Gardens

Sierra Club Career Fair 2

We did it! After a drop in attendance last year, we cracked the publicity and motivation codes for the ’07 fair, our fourth. More than 100 high school and college students and adult career-changers spent a couple of hours visiting with some 17 or so exhibitors. Talk centered on what kinds of jobs you can do in environmental science, policy and management…and what kind of educational or internship background you need to break in.

What was our secret? One of our organizers, Dawn Walker, lined things up with Wendy Rieger of NBC Channel 4 at last fall’s Green DC Festival. Wendy hosts a weekly “Going Green” (see RSS feed on this blog site) segment and graciously expressed interest in promo-ing our event. Then, almost by chance, we got on the PTSA listserv of one of the high schools to which we routinely mail announcements and flyers. That seemed to light a spark, and before we knew it, we were on virtually all of the PTSA listservs. Plus, several of the schools posted the event on their websites, and some highlighted it as the career-related event is is designed to be. The high school students who attended this year came from a much wider spread of Montgomery County schools than in previous years, so I’d have to conclude the website calendar listings and the listservs made a big difference.

We’ve been trying to identify a couple of young people who can help spread the word among their peers, either by word of mouth or through social media like Facebook or MySpace or the like. So if anyone stumbling across this post is in our geographic area and would like to help, please comment and let us know how to reach you for next year’s program!

We’ve also been talking about whether, when, or how to expand, perhaps to a half-day program with a couple of workshop sessions along with the exhibits. These would be on things like resumes, interviewing, and related topics job hunters always want to know about. So let us know what you think about that idea too!

Sierra Club Career Fair 3 NewDream


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  1. Congratulations on the fair! It gives me, and I’m sure many others, hope to see so many interested in “green” careers.

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