There oughtta be… a Chesapeake Bay Film Festival!

April 25, 2007

My friend and colleague Chris Palmer has done it again, motivating students at the Center for Environmental Filmmaking to make real-life productions while they’re engaged in active learning. Tonight’s special on Maryland Public TV, part of a weeklong series of programs about the Chesapeake Bay, is titled EcoViews. The students produced four short segments on different aspects of life on and around the Bay, a thoroughly enjoyable, informative and entertaining show! More! More!

Here’s a great advance write-up about the making of the program in the campus weekly paper.

Now, here’s another idea, one that ought to be produced for next year: In theaters, house parties and community centers near you, a week-long series of films and videos about the Bay — patterned somewhat after the DC Environmental Film Festival, but with a more personal touch, on a scale you can share with your neighbors in small rural communities as well as suburban and urban centers throughout all the states that make up the watershed.

Get collaboration from the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, Chesapeake Bay Program, Chesapeake Climate Action Network, Sierra Club (the Montgomery County group is already in the habit of showing films in members’ homes, along with a potluck supper), and lots of other prospective participating sponsors. [Visit these organizations by clicking on their links at the right, on this blog’s main page.]

Like the idea? Spread the word and say you read it here first.




  1. I’m looking for a film or several on the chesapeake bay and how its being threatened.

  2. There IS a Chesapeake Film Festival. The first annual was held in Easton, Maryland in September 2008! Check teh Star DEmocrat next Septemebr 09 for news of the second! It’ll be wonderful.

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