In orange juice, pulp is becoming a fiction

April 26, 2007

historic-oj.jpgListen up, Florida Citrus Commission! And for that matter, California, too…

Isn’t there anyone left who remembers fresh-squeezed Florida orange juice you could buy at a roadside juice stand or sample for free as a tourist at a welcome station? Now that’s real OJ. This “no pulp” liquid from concentrate that seems to have overtaken the juice section in most chain grocery stores is about as eviscerated as anything I can imagine and more closely resembles what the FDA labels a “drink” than “100% real juice.” This is what we get stuck with when we allow the market to cater predominantly to kids, whose ability to discriminate highest quality taste hasn’t fully developed. Yuck!

If you really want fresh-squeezed taste and texture, buy some oranges and a juicer of some sort and make your own juice. Short of that, don’t ever-ever-ever buy concentrate (it’s had all the good stuff removed and then put back in, a really bad way to process food). Stick to NOT FROM CONCENTRATE. Go for pulp. That’s the good stuff.




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