Bravo! MoCo nails a big one against trans fats

May 17, 2007

fries-clip-art.gifMontgomery County, Maryland, has become the first county in the country to ban trans fat in restaurants, following the lead of the cities of New York and Philadelphia. My LDL is thrilled over this. I don’t even understand what all the fuss has been about — after all, what did cooks use before trans fat? Yeah-yeah-yeah, I know, Crisco! Aargh! Well, what’s so terrible about canola, soy, safflower or olive oil instead? They’re all plant-based and, depending on the menu item, can be either unnoticeable to the taste or can enhance the palate. I’m all for the ban. It’s long overdue.

And along with it, kudos to DC for considering legislation to mandate chains of 10 or more restaurants to publish nutritional details for everything on the menu. Ruby Tuesday used to do this, then stupidly stopped because customers demanded cheese on everything. A lot of good that does the waistline! Well, you can go to the website before you go to the restaurant, or, you can try to remember to ask your server to get the info for you. But what a nuisance! Why not make it easy for a customer?

As for those who criticize the prospect of adding nutritional info, no one is forcing you to eat thin. But a few of you just might find these “hints” helpful if you’re genuinely trying to eat more reasonably.

Montgomery bans trans fats in restaurants, markets Washington Post, 5/16/07

Burger King hit with trans fat lawsuit Center for Science in the Public Interest, 5/16/07

Spare the heart, spoil the pie crust? Food sellers grapple with practicalities after Montgomery bans trans fats Washington Post, 5/17/07


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