Virginia is for…

November 12, 2007

…you fill in the blanks. Now it’s puppy mills. But thanks to The HSUS and dozens of shelters up and down the east coast, the Hillsville bust is going to result in hundreds of young animals getting a fair shake at a decent, loving home and life.

As for my girls, my previous baby and my current one are both rescues and I wouldn’t have it any other way unless I adopted directly from a shelter. Poppy, part beagle, part Jack Russell (aka a beagle on speed!), came from FLAG, For the Love of Animals in Goochland, Virginia. Cori, all beagle (part couch potato, part manic bunny-chaser), came from the Animal Resource Foundation on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

Cori “wam”

Cori O’Holleran Bugle, 1/28/2001-

Poppy portrait

Poppy, 4/1/1990-6/3/2002

If you’re “in a family way,” in other words, you’re looking for a new furry family member, please-please-please visit your community shelter or contact a rescue group. You can find everything from just a dog to a purebred to cats, rabbits and other small mammals. You can befriend a stray, an owner give-up that’s very likely housetrained and socialized, a research animal that’s been saved, an injured or ill animal that needs attentive caregiving, a senior pet whose sole desire is to give and receive love — in short, an animal that’s just right for you and your family, whatever your lifestyle.

Don’t contribute to inhumane treatment of our fellow creatures. Don’t further the greed and profit motives of so-called “breeders” who do nothing more than make dogs reproduce far more often than they do in nature. Know your breeder or adopt from a shelter or rescue — do NOT, repeat, do NOT buy a pet at a retail store. Too many retail dogs likely came from puppy mills, and the easiest way to put those mills out of business is simply not to buy their animals.

Yes, they look cute and adorable and deserve a good life themselves, but when you buy one retail pup that started out at a mill, all you’re doing is allowing the mill to sell yet another animal. DON’T LET THAT HAPPEN!


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  1. bj, I so miss sweet little Poppy! so nice to see her “smiling” face.

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