Judge Hudson’s pending decision on Michael Vick: Punishment AND counseling???

November 30, 2007

I’ve written before and will say it again, Michael Vick needs not only the maximum sentence of five years and no more NFL, but also five years of in-depth counseling on humane education. This position is supported by the American Humane Association, among others.

With apologies to Lerner & Loewe in Camelot, “I wonder what the Judge is thinking right now…”

American Humane Association Urges Severe Sentence for Michael Vick Appropriate to the Severity and Inhumanity of His Crimes (August 27, 2007)… and also recommends humane education:

Quotes president and CEO Marie Belew Wheatley: “Mr. Vick will be changing more than his uniform as he is held accountable for his crimes. In the public eye, he is also changing from role model to ‘example.’ We can only hope that he will quickly realize how inhumane his actions and attitudes toward animals have been. If he is willing to learn from his mistakes and chart a new, positive course going forward, he can still salvage his life.” [emphasis added]

American Humane’s Statement on Michael Vick (November 19, 2007):

Quotes president and CEO Marie Belew Wheatley: “We believe his crimes merit significant prison time, but we hope that the judge will also impose other appropriate requirements as part of the sentence. These could include constructive, rehabilitative activities such as meaningful community service, humane education and empathy counseling.” [emphasis added]

Humane Education Can Stop Dogs From Suffering (Richmond Times-Dispatch, Nov. 18, 2007):

Quotes Richmond SPCA CEO Robin Starr: “Whether someone who is well into adulthood and has reveled in brutality for years can have an extreme makeover of his personality is a question for psychiatric professionals or a higher power but not for me. One thing I do know, however, is that it will not happen on a football field but only, if at all, in serious counseling sessions.” [emphasis added]


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  1. […] be more effective for helping him change direction than a rigidly punitive approach — see my Web of Life blog right around the time of his sentencing hearing for a bit of historical […]

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